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Now that you have graduated or are about to graduate, do you need some help in deciding on your next step? You may want to embark on further study, specialising in an area that really suits you or you may want to start applying for jobs. Denise can help you in making these important decisions.

How does the career guidance process work?

The process involves four stages which are as follows: –

Step 1: Completion of Assessments

Before your first meeting with Denise, you will complete four assessments. All of the assessments are completed online and include an interest assessment, a personality profile, an assessment in career motivation and an assessment in intelligences and skills.

The reason we do these assessments is because to be happy and successful in a career, a person needs to be interested in it, have a number of personality traits that are suited to that particular career, have the motivation to do it and have the developed skill for that career.

Step 2: First Session with Denise (Duration 2 hours)

The first part of this session involves an initial discussion in which Denise will ask you questions about the following: educational background and experience; work experience and your current career situation; hobbies/interests/what you like to do in your spare time and much more.

In the second part of this session, Denise will give you detailed feedback on the assessments that you completed. She will also show you how to use the best tools available for career and course research.

Step 3: Second Session with Denise (Duration 1 hour)

Having analysed your results, along with all that was discussed in your first session, Denise will discuss careers and courses with you that she has identified as being a very good match for you.

Final Stage of Process

Within 14 days, you will receive a comprehensive Career Guidance Report outlining both Denise’s findings and recommendations on suitable careers for you.

Fee for Career Guidance Process: €445

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