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Second Level Student

As someone who has guided hundreds of teenagers, Denise understands the immeasurable value of instilling confidence in young people, and in helping them to understand themselves better, which allows them to make choices for college with confidence.

The hard work and focus required for the Leaving Certificate sometimes means that the last thing a student wants to do is spend time researching careers and courses, especially if they have no idea of where to begin.

Denise can make this much easier for your son or daughter by guiding them through a detailed career guidance process to uncover the career areas that would best suit them, giving them a clear direction for the future.

The career guidance process will allow your son or daughter to:

  • Understand their natural intelligences and how these can be used in particular careers.  They will also learn how their intelligences fit together with interests, personality and values, so choices for CAO makes sense!
  • Know how to choose Leaving Cert. subjects that suit their interests and abilities while meeting the requirements for courses that may interest them.
  • Know how to research suitable careers and courses using the best tools available.
  • Know how to go about other important aspects of course research such as preparation for College Open Days; other considerations such as how they feel about the campus/travel time etc.; talking to existing students on courses of interest and so on.
  • Understand how to list suitable CAO courses requiring a range of points.
  • Identify appropriate Level 6/7 courses and QQI/FET courses.
  • Have confidence that they have a focus in the run up to the Leaving Certificate and know they can look forward to a course in which they will thrive.
  • Understand the importance of listing courses in order of preference.

How does the Career Guidance Process work?

Step 1: First Consultation with Denise – Duration 2 hours

  • Initial discussion about school experience; subjects (likes/dislikes); TY experience; hobbies/free time activities and much more so that Denise can gather as much information as possible about your son and daughter.
  • Completion of the following assessments:
    • Interest assessment
    • Personality assessment
    • Natural Intelligences and Skills assessment
    • Values assessment

Step 2: Consultation (duration 1hour)

  • Detailed feedback on the assessments.
  • Denise will show your son or daughter how to use the best tools available for career and course research.

Step 3: Career Guidance Report Stage

Within two weeks after the second consultation, Denise will provide you with a personalised Career Guidance Report outlining the findings of the assessments and making recommendations on careers and courses for serious consideration by your son or daughter.

A list of CAO courses for consideration, requiring a range of points, will be included with this report.

Step 4: Consultation with Parents (30 to 60 minutes)

The final part of the process gives you an opportunity to discuss the report findings with Denise and ask any questions that you may have.

The fee for the Career Guidance Process is €445

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