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“I sought Denise’s help with applying to the UCAS, the English equivalent to our CAO. Denise helped me motivate myself and focus on the goals that needed to be achieved. I found Denise knowledgeable and driven in helping me achieve my dreams”

Ian Mulhall

“Denise enabled my son approach his senior cycle with confidence and a clear goal for his future. Denise was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful in all our dealings with her and I would recommend her highly to students/parents who may need assistance in this area.”

Frank Murphy

“Denise helped my daughter with Third Level course choices. I chose Koru Career Guidance as Denise approaches course and career choices in an holistic way rather than just through aptitude tests. She took into account my daughter’s ability with foreign languages as well as her love for science in order to put together a comprehensive list of University courses which matched her interests, goals and aspirations. I would highly recommend Denise’s approach and trust her methods and results.”

Susan Hickson

“I found Denise to be very professional and appreciated how she put in considerable research around career areas that came out of my assessments in between the 2 consultations. However she is also a very warm and genuine person who puts you at ease, which is very important when you are revealing details about yourself, your personality, career choices and education”

Emma Burke

“Since meeting with Denise, I have applied and been accepted to a masters course in TCD in September and I am very energised by the prospect. I found the whole process with Denise was really helpful and I have recommended her to another friend.”

Philip Byrne

I came to see Denise because I was having doubts about my college course and as a result, I was feeling very stressed. I found the sessions really beneficial as I learned a lot about myself and we talked about different options that would suit me. One of these options was to continue with my course with a view to specialising in an area that really interests me and this is what I decided to do. Working with Denise was the beginning of a new chapter for me and I would highly recommend her services. “

Suzanne Smith

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